Whitmer signs bill authorizing $384.7 million in COVID relief for Michigan

Mackinac Bridge
Image by Jason Gillman from Pixabay

Governor Whitmer has signed a COVID-19 relief bill for her state.

Monday, Whitmer signed a bill that allocates $384 million in COVID relief to help Michigan recover from the pandemic.

Her office says the Senate Bill supports the recovery of individuals, families, and small businesses. All but $17 million is covered by federal COVID relief funding, with the remainder coming out of Michigan’s general fund.

Whitmer says her top priority continues to be moving the economy forward, and putting the state’s families and small businesses first.



  1. What about us store clerks we are essential you said you believe we do receive some competition we are essential we were there when schools weren’t open

  2. I truly don’t know whose decision it was to pay the people not working more money in this pandemic, but look at where it got us, a shortage of everything, because there’s a shortage of workers! They pay the lazy to sit home, and the hard working people to continue to work through it all nothing!

    • Not all people who are unemployment have a choice! The arts need to open!! We want to work but covid is still keeping us home. You do not realize having no concerts, no plays effects 12,000,000 people’s jobs still!!! Again, we are not all in the same boat!!!!

  3. So Whitmer’s idea of moving the economy forward is to waste more money on handouts that will be paid for by the few people who are still working?

    She’s an economic genius! Whitmer and AOC should write some papers together.


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