United Way of St. Joseph County raises $4 million for local non-profits

Image by S K from Pixabay

The United Way of St. Joseph County has raised $4 million for their COVID-19 Relief Fund.

The original goal was $500,000, according to WSBT.

The fund, which will serve all of St. Joseph County as communities recover from the impacts of the pandemic, is aimed at helping local non-profits so they can continue to do their work.

Contributions are still being accepted and you can learn more at the United Way’s website.




  1. I stopped giving to United Way when they started playing games about directed donations.

    You might specify that your donation goes to one program, but they will just move unspecified donations to offset your choice. They technically honor your wishes, but the reality is that the exact same amount of money goes to the charities in question when it is all said and done. It’s shady.


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