Whitmer wants to build 2,000 new homes with help from federal COVID-19 relief funds

("Inside house" by Amy, CC BY-ND 2.0)

Governor Whitmer seeks to use $100 million in federal COVID relief to create 2,000 new affordable rental homes.

On Tuesday she announced the plan to boost affordable housing as part of a broader plan aimed at helping 6,000 Michiganders in need and address a rising problem in The Great Lakes State.

In addition to the federal COVID-19 funds, Whitmer’s plan would involve $380 million in private money and create upwards of 1,600 jobs.

The response to Whitmer’s plan from the GOP-controlled Legislature to Whitmer’s plan has yet to be seen.



    • That’s exactly what it is. The Democrats have been using tax dollars to buy votes for decades.

      They pretend to care about everyone… Everyone except the working class families who get stuck with the bill.


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