Indiana COVID cases down, health leaders warn not to let guard down

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

State health officials say a three-week decline in COVID-19 cases is encouraging, but it doesn’t mean Hoosiers can let their guard down.

Case numbers have dropped by one-sixth in the last three weeks, and the statewide positivity rate dipped into moderate-risk range on Monday for the first time in a month. State health commissioner Kristina Box says new guidance to schools, allowing looser quarantine rules if they adopt mask mandates, has played a role in reducing community spread in the broader community.

But Indiana is still averaging more than three-thousand new cases a day. And Box says based on what’s happened in other states, she expects to see a series of waves of new outbreaks, rather than an unbroken decline. She says Hoosiers can’t let their guard down, but need to continue taking precautions.

“The virus is not done with us yet,” Box warns.

The number of Hoosiers hospitalized with COVID has been over two-thousand every day for five straight weeks. And while that number is also declining from a peak two weeks ago of nearly 27-hundred, Box says some hospitals are still near or over capacity, because non-COVID patients, including procedures delayed by the pandemic, quickly fill the gaps. She says teams of Indiana National Guard troops are helping out at some hospitals facing staffing shortages, including Saint Vincent in Indianapolis.

Box says 97-percent of last week’s hospitalizations and intensive-care patients were unvaccinated.

Governor Holcomb’s latest health emergency declaration expires at midnight Thursday night. The governor hasn’t said whether he’ll renew it again. There are no current statewide mask orders or business restrictions. but the emergency declaration enables other response measures like loosened licensing standards for medical students and retired or out-of-state health care workers.

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Chris September 30, 2021 at 5:24 am

More BS… pushing this poison JAB that’s not a vaccine and doesn’t work!!! How stupid can you be to put this in you and still get China virus

Slacker06 September 30, 2021 at 10:11 am

What guard? Not a single dictate from the health department or the governor has any basis in real science. No study shows masks work. the touted “vaccine” is’;t a vaccine under the typical understanding of the term. It is a shot that now needs booster shots. Plus there is NO RECOGNITION of natural immunity by recovery. Studies show natural immunity by recovery is more robust and long lasting than any of the “vaccines.” The dopiest statement floated out there is, “You must get the vaccine to protect the vaccinated.” People take medications to protect yourself not others. Ask yourself, Did you ever get any of the diseases you were vaccinated as a child. I didn’t because those were real vaccines. But the ersatz “vaccine” being pushed by the government only promises lower chance of a hospitalization or death not preventing getting Covid. Yet The People blindly follow these liars and lose their liberty at the same time. Very sad indeed. I have a friend who died yesterday from complications from Covid. All the hospital would tell his family was “we are following protocol.” Not once was protocol explained to them as they let him die.

Chris September 30, 2021 at 1:07 pm

Yeah protocol to jam remdesivir into them, that’s what’s killing people…shutting their kidneys down and filling their lungs and drowning to death then blaming it on COVID-19!!! It’s all a shame Hospitals the new gas chambers!!!


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