Governor Holcomb looking for the 2022 STEM Team

Per a national report on disengaged learners, about 43% of respondents who put a hold on their college studies said they were either extremely or very likely to continue their education at a later point. (Adobe Stock)

Students in Indiana are being encouraged to apply for a spot on Governor Holcomb’s STEM Team.

The Governor, along with Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner and Treasurer Kelly Mitchell is asking high school students to apply for this year’s STEM Team.

The competition was developed by Governor Holcomb in 2017 to shine a light on the Hoosier State’s top students in science, technology, engineering and math. Winning students receive a 1000 dollar deposit into an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Savings account, as well as a special letterman jacket.

The winners are announced in the spring.



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