Three suspected of robbing group at party, armed with a rifle

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Three Elkhart men are suspected of robbing a group of people at a party while armed with a rifle.

It was back in August when police were called to a home on Greenleaf Blvd. where the victims said the trio demanded their wallets, a watch and a purse.

Eyewitnesses said they even held the rifle against one of the victim’s chest or neck.

The Elkhart Truth reports warrants for Noah Crowley, Dylan Simons and Malik Robinson were issued last week, They face armed robbery counts as well as charges of  pointing a firearm at another person.


  1. really concerning that there is no societal effort to reign in on black culture and its propensity to be violent and take what doesn’t belong to you. these corrupt values spread to non-black children and cause widespread ruin


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