Adoption settlement will impact some adoptions for same-sex couples in Michigan

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A settlement filed in federal court means some adoptions in Michigan can be denied to same-sex couples.

Faith based adoption agencies that have contracts with the state can refuse to place children in LGBT homes, according to the settlement. It was filed in federal court months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for a Catholic charity in a similar case.

WSJM reports that Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services said the high court’s ruling against Philadelphia is binding on the state and limits its ability to enforce a non-discrimination policy.


  1. I used to be ok with gay adoption. A kid in a home with two loving parents has to be better than a kid in foster care, right?

    Lately I’m not so sure. Watching the Mayor Pete and Chase political optics adoption theater just reinforces the idea the some people should not be allowed to adopt kids. The problem is, denying those two kids would simply force the happy couple to start screaming about bigotry instead of letting people look at the facts. It’s the old standby whenever a protected class doesn’t get what they want.

    Then to add to the mix there’s the increased likelihood of children being talked into transitioning…

    I’m simply not sure it’s a good idea anymore.

  2. Ok why dosent the LGBT and so on start their own adoptions.If faith based organizations can do it why can’t they.If there are a many as they want us to think there are, shouldn’t be a real big obstacle


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