Workforce Development: Elkhart County’s unemployment rate below 1%

"3D Employment Graph" by Chris Potter, CC BY-SA 2.0

Indiana’s unemployment rate fell from 3.0% in November to 2.7% in December.

That’s a record low for the state dating back to 1976, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

In addition, private sector employment jumped by nearly 11,000 during the last month and has now increased for six of the last seven months.

The rate for Elkhart County stands at 0.9%, down more than one-half point from November. The jobless rate in St. Joseph County is at 1.4%, down nearly one point from the month before.

By comparison, the national unemployment rate is at 3.9%.


  1. Yet we still can’t get a decent burger or taco on the run in less than half an hour, or spend less than a 45 minute wait at an empty restaurant at 1 in the afternoon. Mmm-hmm…

  2. Nice rosy picture. Now do the labor participation rate!

    Once the unemployment checks stop coming, you’re no longer unemployed. You might not have a job, but you’re definitely not counted as unemployed…

  3. Really ?!?!?! Can someone PLEASE explain to me these where the got these BS numbers?!?! If there is less that 1% unemployment why is there signs in 80 – 90 % of restaurants saying ” Please be kind / patient because we are under staff for employees?!?!? WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

    • A low rate means there are few people looking for work. But many places want to hire. The demand for employees is greater than the available labor pool. That is why there’s so many places hiring. It also raises the starting wage because employers have to compete for employees.


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