Additional READI Grants on the way to Michiana


READI Grant funds are on their way to projects around three Michiana counties.

The region that consists of St. Joseph, Elkhart and Marshall Counties has 50 million dollars in grant money earmarked for use.

Bethany Hartley of the South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership tells WNDU that she’s hopeful some of the share will be used to support the hospitality industry, which was hit particularly hard by the pandemic. The federal funds do have some restrictions, including several expenditure categories that need to be met.

Grant applications will be accepted in the second quarter, and the funds could be distributed by the end of the year.




  1. The entire grant system is a hot mess and needs to be abolished. They take money from local economies, then give it back to local governments with strings attached. A better system would be to let the local governments raise those taxes directly, and spend the money as they deem necessary and NOT as a bunch of remote bureaucrats think it should be spent.


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