Potawatomi Zoo announces birth of a two-toed sloth

(Photo supplied/Potawatomi Zoo)

The Potawatomi Zoo is proud to announce the birth of a two-toed sloth.

The baby sloth was born to mother Lily and father Lola. It weighs .64 kilograms and seems healthy, according to zoo physicians.

The sex of the baby is not yet known. It’s the first sloth birth at the Zoo in recent history. The baby sloth lives with its parents in the Learning Center and is visible to the public.

The baby spends most of its time sleeping right now, but visitors may be able to see it being held by its mother. The two-toed sloth is native to South America, around the Amazon River basin.

They get their name from the two long toes on their front feet that help them navigate trees and vines in the rainforest.




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