Hoosiers to expect savings in power bills next month

(Photo Supplied/Pixabay)

Hoosiers will get a bit of a break in the their power bills starting next month.

Indiana has done away with the special tax on utility bills. The repeal means monthly savings for all customers beginning July 1.

The Utility Receipts Tax and Utility Services Tax is currently a 1.46% addition to energy bills
based on usage.

The elimination comes, following action taken by the Indiana General Assembly and Governor Holcomb as a way, they say, to support the state’s economy.


  1. That’s nice. But doesn’t the gas tax increase go into effect on July 1st? So give with one hand, then take it away with the other?

    • The only upside is that the power tax cut is only for Hoosiers, but the gas tax will collect from travellers as well. I’m ok with letting people passing through help fund a bit more of the state.


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