Tribal casino funds helping schools that drop Native American mascots in Michigan

Image by UnratedStudio from Pixabay

More school districts in Michigan are saying goodbye to Native American nicknames and mascots, and receiving financial help from tribal casino funds.

After the Saranac Community Schools announced that they’re dropping the Redskins name this coming fall in favor of Red Hawks, Michigan has only one school left in the state still using the name, and that school is also considering a change.

Bridge Michigan reports that the Native American Heritage Fund announced last month that it would distribute grants totaling more than $400,000 to schools that drop culturally insensitive names, including Hartford in Van Buren county, to support community projects, academic programming updates, mascot changeovers, and other projects that honor Native American culture and history.

Dozens of school districts in the state, including Dowagiac, still use Native American logos or nicknames.




  1. The next step is for the indian tribes to lament being underrepresented culturally. “Why doesn’t anything have our name?” they will say.

    I’ll never understand how paying homage to them as warriors was culturally insensitive.


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