Young says Democrats aren’t helping inflation

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Inflation reached a forty-year high this week, and Indiana Senator Todd Young wants to find solutions to the problem.

Young claims democrats aren’t helping the issue, saying they want to increase what you pay in taxes.

“Tax increases aren’t going to provide relief to our businesses, they’re not going to provide relief to rank and file Hoosier families,” said Young. “We certainly can do better than this.”

He says inflation is forcing the average U.S. household to spend an extra $5,200 this year.

The republican wants to work on bipartisan solutions, while pointing out boarder security challenges.

“We have national security challenges. We have a problem at our southern border. There is some common ground to be found with respect to certain issues related to our economy, [which] the need to reskill our workforce. Let’s work on all of those things.”

Young says proposed tax increases by democrats who move the country in the wrong direction.


  1. Democrats not helping inflation?

    Democrats are CAUSING inflation, deliberately! This is all part of the plan, at least to the Dems running the show. The rank and file Dems are too stupid to think critically about any of these policies, so they just go along with them.

  2. Toad Young hasn’t helped stop inflation either. He votes for all the stooges Biden nominates. Hay Toad, did you vote for Janet Yellin? Did you vote for the FED chairman? When is the last time you stood tall and bashed all the inflationary policies of Biden? You sir, are as week and feckless as Dopey King Xo the Idiot of Brandonville.

  3. Big business which Republicans get all their big donations from they are the ones causing remember You the inflation. People want to be payed more well the CEOs aren’t going to take it out of their profits they will just raise prices so the consumers pay for the pay raise. Remember Citizens United gave corporations the rite to own politicians. Remember your Romney saying corporations are people to. Dems want the big money people to pay their taxes like peons like us do. Trump and his ass kissers will ruin the country. Then as usual Dems will have to come on in and clean up the mess. Bush-Clinton Bush-Obama and now Trump-Biden. You all won’t be happy until this country is destroyed. My last example is Jan 6 Trump almost destroyed Democracy. People wanted to hang Pence, really and you morons want to blame the Democrats. You people scare me.


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