Four people hurt during early Sunday morning shooting in South Bend

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

South Bend Police are investigating a shooting that injured four people.

It was just before 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 31, when South Bend officers responded to multiple reports of shots fired and ShotSpotter notifications in the area of St. Joseph and Milton Streets.

Upon arrival, officers found one person suffering gunshot injuries. The victim was taken to the hospital.

As officers were responding, they were alerted of an additional victim in the 1600 block of Chapin Street.

During the investigation, two more victims arrived at the hospital, also suffering from gunshot wounds.

All four victims appear to have been involved in the same incident. One of the victim’s injuries are described as life-threatening.

The Violent Crimes Unit has taken over the investigation and has interviewed multiple people.

Police are urging anybody with information to report anonymous tips to Michiana Crime Stoppers 24/7 by calling 574-288-STOP.


  1. Somebody lift the curse on this city that has all this crime and bad luck. How did South Bend become Los Angeles ?

    The criminal justice system in St Joe County needs to be tougher on these criminals. There is nothing wrong with getting bad people off the streets and behind bars.

  2. Replying to Adam’s comment. This is what happens when sell out demonrat democrats run a city. Just look at the rest of our blue states and see what’s going on with them.

  3. I hate to see crime in any city of Indiana… our state has passed these foolish laws and now look at the result! Anyone who thinks they should be able to carry a firearm is bearing arm without reading the disclosures and fine print…. Bring back gun licenses 💯💯

    • I HIGHLY doubt that any of the shooters you read about weekly in South Bend are carrying legally. Constitutional Carry does not mean that anyone can carry, you still have to be a “proper person” under the law. Additionally, these shootings were going on long before Constitutional Carry was enacted.

      The law is fine, though your understanding of it needs a little work. I suggest doing some research instead of believing what the MSM outlets tell you.

      • That last bit wasn’t intended as snarkiness, by the way. I really read your post as being misinformed, and I know that the media has been working overtime to misinform people about what the ConCarry law actually is. It’s totally not your fault.

        The state does still offer permits, and I still encourage everyone to get a permit. It helps with reciprocity (traveling to other states) and it verifies that a person does not have a hidden “gotcha” in their past that will come back to haunt them if they get stopped carrying a gun.

  4. The shot spotter is a great piece of technology We Veterans were doing a military funeral in west South bend. Within 90 seconds of us firing our funeral rifle volley Police were there. If the City could somehow activate cameras to see who was shooting the shooters must be removed from society before South bend becomes a failed city like Gary Indiana I will no longer attend night theater in South bend for safety

  5. David, I don’t blame you for wanting to be safe. The Morris Performing Arts Center won’t let you bring your legal concealed carry firearm in the theater. We now have to go through their metal detectors just like the airports. This means we are sitting targets for criminals from our vehicles to the theater.

    Some places are putting small lockers in the lobbies of venues to check in legal firearms. Armed guards or police check them in just like a coat check. That way you have your peace of mind coming and going to your vehicle.


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