Man found with handgun at Goshen Taco Bell

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A man was found with a handgun at a Goshen Taco Bell.

It happened on Friday, September 23 at 4:47 p.m., when officers were called to the Taco Bell on 701 W Pike Street, on reports of a man slumped over in a vehicle.

When they arrived, they found the man, 24-year-old Collin Lane, laying in his car, with a handgun in his lap.

Police say that Lane had a pending case for burglary and theft.

He is set to have a court date in the future.


  1. Why put the handgun in the headline when the guy was passed out? Was he a felon? Why not put that he was passed out, or that he was wanted for burglary and theft?

    Unless you’re trying to demonize people having guns, in which case it makes perfect sense…

  2. Law abiding citizens have every right to have a firearm at Taco Bell on Pike Street. This young man sounds very irresponsible when it comes to firearm safety.

      • They can post a sign, but it’s not really legally binding until they ask you to leave. It would also be an interesting test of the Indiana law that declares the inside of your vehicle “your property” for firearm purposes, though that law is mostly geared towards employers.

        Did Taco Bell in fact have a no firearms sign in their parking lot?


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