Elkhart Police warning about “found bills” scam

(Photo Supplied/State of Massachusetts Government)

The Elkhart Police Department warns the public about a scam in our area involving “found” bills, and resulting in stolen debit cards.

Here’s how the scam works: A suspect approaches the victim in a local Michiana store and drops a $10.00 bill by the victim’s feet. They then point out the money to the victim, distracting them. Using the distraction, suspect stands close to victim so that they can see the victim’s pin number as victim enters it at a self check-out. The suspect then follows the victim out to their vehicle, and a second suspect approaches and tells the victim that the $10.00 belongs to them. The victim gets distracted, and the victim’s debit card is lifted out of their purse or wallet. The suspects then rack up fraudulent charges on the victim’s card.

Elkhart Police have some safety tips:
• Be aware of your surroundings while using your debit or credit card.
• If anyone is standing near you while you are using a key pad to enter your PIN number, please use your hands to shield the key pad.
• If anyone points to money on the ground, please do not pick it up and instead walk away.
• Make sure you have removed your credit card from the key pad at the self check-out before leaving.
• If individuals continue to bother you at the store or in the parking lot, alert store staff or call the police.

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