Teenager arrested for firing gun after exiting school bus

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

A teenager arrested for firing a gun after getting off a school bus in South Bend has been ordered to a juvenile facility with the Indiana Department of Corrections.

According to an order from St. Joseph Probate Court, the teen admitted to dangerous possession of a firearm in connection with the incident which happened in August in the area of Bulla and Huey Streets.

The order says that once the teen is released from the juvenile facility, he’ll be on probation and placed in a Community Transition Program.


  1. Put his parents in a Community Transition Program also, for letting their child have possession a handgun. Where are responsible parents today ?

    Do a story on the home life and parents of how a child gets a loaded firearm. Put in the new story who owns the firearm.

    • Indiana law allows teenagers to buy firearms and carry handguns. Remember, 18 and 19 are still “teenagers” by definition. It’s also legal for a parent or guardian to gift a gun to someone who is not old enough to purchase it, though that minor is heavily restricted in its use.

      Under no circumstances are guns allowed on school buses, though, and if the teenager has a criminal history the parents are still in violation of the law regardless.

  2. HUMMM. IT is already illegal for a “teenager” to own, carry, or otherwise possess a handgun in Indiana. How did he get it? Apparently the gun laws don’t really work to reduce illegal activity. Those laws are only effective if people follow them. Guess what, only the law-abiding follow those laws. Those who think banning guns will stop crime are ignoramuses. There are far more legally held guns used to protect the owner against criminals, car jackers, home invaders, et al that guns used in crime in the USA. As many as 2-million times each year. Less than 100K illegal uses of firearms on the other side of the ledger including suicides.

    Hey Adam, don’t hold your breath for the stories you asked for. Only the fact that a kid had a gun on the school bus and then fired it is important to the media including MNC. The only part of MNC that might cover the questions you asked is Casey Hendrickson 3-6 pm on the radio.


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