WalletHub survey: Indiana among least politically engaged states

("I Vote" by Kelley Minars, CC BY -SA 2.0)

With Election Day coming up and only 66.8% of the voting age population having voted in the 2020 presidential election and 53.4% in the 2018 midterm, the personal-finance website WalletHub released a report on 2022’s Most & Least Politically Engaged States.

In order to determine where Americans are most involved in politics, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on 10 key indicators of political engagement. They range from the percentage of registered voters in the 2020 presidential election to total political contributions per adult population.

Political Engagement in Indiana (1=Most; 25=Avg.):

  • 37th – % of Registered Voters in 2020 Presidential Election
  • 42nd – % of Electorate Who Voted in 2018 Midterm Elections
  • 45th – % of Electorate Who Voted in 2020 Presidential Election
  • 32nd – Change in % of Electorate Who Actually Voted in 2020 Elections vs. 2016 Elections
  • 43rd – Total Political Contributions per Adult Population
  • 34th – Voter Accessibility Policies

For the full report, visit:


  1. Political contributions don’t mean engagement. It’s a Hoosier thing that we expect votes to count, not dollars.

    Likewise, the “voter accessibility policies” metric is broken. That doesn’t mean engagement, it means FRAUD. One day, in person, ID required, paper ballots, open source machines, and PURPLE THUMB DYE. Not very accessible, but VERY honest. Hoosiers tend to be OK with sacrificing convenience for integrity.


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