City of South Bend releases “Digital Equity Roadmap”

("170 - Typing" by Hillary, CC BY-SA 2.0)

This week, the City of South Bend released its Digital Equity Roadmap.

The plan describes current work and establishes future benchmarks toward equitable access to the internet.

In August, Mayor Mueller passed the Broadband Ready Communities Executive Order, committing the City Administration to new state-defined standards for broadband readiness and streamlined permitting and inspection processes.

In addition, the Executive Order also called on the Department of Innovation & Technology to develop a digital equity plan for South Bend.

The Digital Equity Roadmap is a response to this call, describing next steps the City will take in coming years to address South Bend’s local digital divide.

In September, Common Council unanimously supported the Executive Order.

Read the full Digital Equity Roadmap HERE.


  1. In other news the unemployment rate in IN is 2.8%.

    If you want access to the internet then get a job, prioritize it and pay for it yourself.


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