St. Joseph County resident concerned about election security

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A poll inspector in St. Joseph County is essentially telling the county’s elections board to get their house in order.
This as the election board is caught up in a lawsuit between Democrats and Republicans over the actions of the county clerk as well as new rules passed by the election board that some say will tip the scales in favor of one party over the other.
Anthony Vasoli is urging the board to do everything it can to dispel fears that people have about voting.
“I think having the publicity that our member Rita Glenn is somehow doing something that is illegal where she’s only sorting by precinct is completely out of touch with reality,” Vasoli said. “And to dispel these fears is going to take a lot to make up for when we have this type of publicity. This misinformation is so rampant, and they think that, you know, if one party wins, it’s great. If the other party wins, somehow they were cheated.”
Clerk Rita Glenn is being accused by Republicans of violating state law by going into a ballot storage room by herself back in May. Meanwhile, Democrats are also under fire from Republicans over an ordinance passed by the election board that allows the county clerk to act on behalf of the election board unilaterally.
The whole debacle has many residents in St. Joseph County concerned about election security this year.

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