More than half of EVs sold in US are in just 8 coastal markets

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A new report is looking at sales trends in Electric Vehicles, and it finds that half of the EVs sold in the US are actually being sold in just 8 coastal markets.

S & P Global Insights says some of that is because certain parts of the country lack a certain level of charging infrastructure. However, many parts of the US aren’t willing to invest in charging stations if there aren’t already a lot of EVs on the road to make use of it.

The largest market is Los Angeles, where 18% of all the vehicles sold are electric. On the other hand, some parts of the Midwest have an EV market share under 1%.



  1. The government should not be putting in charging stations for electric vehicles any more than we should have government funded gas stations.

    If the demand is there the business will follow. It is only where government is picking the private sector winners and losers that these unprofitable schemes expand.

    Of course the governments should not be funding unreliable sources of energy like wind and solar which wouldn’t be sprouting up without the subsidies. So what if they’re unreliable and unprofitable, they’re “green”.

  2. Well, duh. $60k here is a lot more money than $60k in LA, so those EVs are out of reach of most people.

    It’s the same reason you don’t see a lot of supercars in Northern Indiana.

  3. A lot of EVs caught fire during the last hurricane because of salt intrusion into the batteries. So go for it coastal markets. Hope you house that survived the storm doesn’t burn down because of the EVs batteries. You also might want to read the many articles about the abysmal performance of EVs on longer trips or towing RV trailers. Yo might get there faster by walking. Maybe that is the end game???????


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