Michigan State Canvassers certify midterm results

("I Vote" by Kelley Minars, CC BY -SA 2.0)

A bipartisan board vote in Michigan has certified the state’s midterm election results.

The meeting was contentious at times, but the Board of State Canvassers met Monday and voted unanimously to certify the results. After the vote, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson posted on social media after the vote that “Democracy has prevailed.”

Michigan’s Elections Director reported that about 42% of voters casted an absentee ballot this year.

At one point during the meeting, an attendee was removed after repeatedly disrupting the proceedings. The public did have a large amount of time for comment during the meeting.


  1. I would hardly consider a board made of leftist Democrats and establishment GOP to be “bipartisan”, as they are effectively one and the same.

    The unchallenged fraud of the last few elections have proven that the establishment GOP is nothing but token opposition. They want to be the minority party, make conservative noises to fundraise, and still pass the globalist agenda of their masters. They are not a choice. Any REAL GOP candidate is attacked and defunded by their own party! The first step to restoring sanity to our government is gutting the GOP leadership. No progress can be made otherwise.


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