Braun to McConnell: No new spending until GOP house is sworn in

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Indiana Republican Senator is one of four GOP Senators telling Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass a short-term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.
Lawmakers have until December 16th to get a new spending deal done to prevent that.
What those four Senators don’t want is for Congress to agree on an “omnibus” spending bill. That is several spending bills combined into one big package.
“We must not accept anything other than a short-term Continuing Resolution that funds the federal government until shortly after the 118th Congress is sworn in. No additional spending, no additional policy priorities should be included. Any urgent items that require the Senate’s attention should be considered separately and under their own terms,” said the four Senators in a letter they sent to McConnell this week.
They want the 118th Congress to be sworn in before any long-term spending bill is agreed upon.
“Since taking office, President Biden has overseen a $4.8 trillion increase in the national deficit, costing the average American household an estimated $753 more a month. It should be up to the new Congress to set spending priorities for the remainder of this fiscal year.
Now is the time for Republicans to get serious about leading America towards a better future. The current Continuing Resolution funds the federal government through December 16, 2022. We must not accept anything other than a short-term Continuing Resolution that funds the federal government until shortly after the 118th Congress is sworn in,” the letter continued.
Braun explained his case on Fox News Thursday morning.
“We’d be handing the keys over to Nancy Pelosi, who we just fired, to do all the spending according to what they want to do. It’s been on display for the last two years. There’s no good reason to give the Democrats another year of what we’ve been contending with,” said Braun to Fox’s Laura Ingraham.
Ingraham also asked Braun if he would consider endorsing former Indiana Governor and Vice President Mike Pence to take his Senate seat when he’s done.
“I’d ideally like to get someone who came from outside the farm system of politics. The founders said, ‘Serve and get back to your business.’ We’ve gotten so far away from that,” said Braun.
Braun is running for Governor in Indiana. He has advocated for term limits, and has repeated his disgust with the way the federal legislative branch is run, particularly in the way your tax money is budgeted.

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