Demands for resignation of Purdue-Northwest chancellor

(Photo Supplied/Purdue Northwest)

There are more demands for the resignation of Purdue-Northwest chancellor Thomas Keon.

It’s because of an Asian language impersonation he made during the school’s winter commencement earlier this month.

Keon has already apologized for the remark that many are calling racist and that apology was even accepted by Purdue’s board of trustees but also formally reprimanded.

But now the National Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Forum of Indiana and the Asian American Alliance say the reprimand is not enough.

They are demanding Keon resign calling his actions a “catalyst to expose Asian-focused hate and racism.”


  1. People need to chill out. Being “outraged” or “offended” at every syllable uttered you don’t like is just stupid. We have free speech. The guy apologized so let it go. Sooner or later every one of us will say or do something that offends others. If it isn’t a pattern or on purpose over a long time then give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Frankly I am sick and very tired of having ignorant infants try to tell the rest of us what to say and how to act. Take your worthless diploma and work at McDonald’s.


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