Indiana National Guard changing recruiting approach to beef up its ranks

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The U.S. military missed its national recruiting goal for 2022 by about 15,000 soldiers.
Staff Sgt. Gaby Dunlap with the Indiana National Guard has a theory that it’s tougher for the military to recruit these days because many in this generation of high school age kids already have a five year plan.
She tells WISH-TV that they are finding that the military doesn’t exactly fit into that five year plan.
Dunlap says they have been changing up their approach by engaging with high schoolers at basketball games throughout the season.


  1. When the military goes back to the pronouns, Yes, sir! you will be able to recruit again. Stop with the woke bs and your problem will solve itself.

  2. I’m sorry the NG is having recruiting problems. The entire military has gone woke. So they will go broke. I Will NOT recommend any military service to my grandchildren. I will do the opposite and recommend they avoid like the plague. The congress told the military they could no longer demand the Covid poison shot. But the military is saying that does not extend to the reserves especially the Army Guard and Air Guard. Like crazy legs above we need to bring back yes sir and yes ma’am. Stop trying to be a social welfare program. Instead our military is supporting social diseases that will not improve our ability to kill people (the enemy) and break things which is their only job or reason to exist in the first place. The commies, whether Russia or China, among others, are laughing their backsides off at us. “Stop with the woke bs and your problem will solve itself.”


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