New bill to be introduced, designates breaded pork tenderloin as official Indiana sandwich

("Indiana State Capitol Building" by Drew Tarvin, CC BY 2.0)
As the 2023 Indiana legislation session begins this week, Governor Holcomb says a bill will be introduced to designate the breaded pork tenderloin as the state’s official sandwich.
Inside Indiana Business reports that Holcomb hopes that will settle the question, once and for all, about what the state sandwich is.
Jeanette Merritt with the Indiana Pork Producers Association says the designation will benefit Indiana’s pork producers and numerous restaurants throughout the state.


  1. I’m glad all our other problems are solved. What a relief, that we can finally address the TRULY pressing issues facing our state…

  2. Whew! Good thing all of the crime, homelessness, unemployment, and health struggles the state deals with were fixed so we could work on the real issues. Now we can finally sleep easy knowing that there will be no confusion over the “official” sandwich of the state.

    Even if all of the combined work that went into this bill cost a single dollar, it was a waste.


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