Indiana Supreme Court declines to hear South Bend Police tapes case

(Tommie Lee/MNC)

A years long legal battle continues in South Bend, and in South Bend it will stay.

The Indiana Supreme Court has declined to hear a the case over the South Bend Police Tapes, a case in which the city’s police department is accused of illegally wire-tapping the phones of it’s officers.

The South Bend Common Council has been trying for years to have the tapes released to the public.

The tapes have been alleged to contain racist language and discussions of illegal activities.

The case will be reverted back to a lower court in St. Joseph County. The tapes date back as far as 1998.


  1. What are they afraid of??? Are they afraid the honest and righteous former mayor will be on the tapes saying racist things??? The People own it all. They own the phones. They own the recording devices and the recordings. Every last one of the cops work for THE PEOPLE. Time for The People to hear what is on the tape to understand if they need to replace folks that have been in office way too long.


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