Board of Voter Registration voted to be abolished by St. Joseph County Commissioners

(Photo Supplied/St Joseph County)

After a two-week delay to iron out some understanding regarding political favoritism, the St. Joseph County Commissioners have voted to abolish the Board of Voter Registration.

Moving forward, the County Clerk’s office3 will handle those matters, along with two Republicans and two Democrats who report to the clerk.

The two representatives from the political parties will be selected by the clerk.

It was a unanimous vote, in favor, by the commissioners, however, not all members of the public were happy by the outside, including local leaders with the Libertarian Party who fear their group and other independents will be under represented. Others have trust issues regarding the political leanings of the clerk.

Commissioners, however, say the change will increase transparency and save tens of thousands of dollars.

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RH February 1, 2023 at 5:29 pm

Voting isnt about saving money! Any changes that have to do with voting should be up to the people of the communities, not just a committee. There is already enough skepticism around voting without a handful of people trying to enact changes on their own.

Charles U Farley February 2, 2023 at 2:01 pm

The GOP might be fine with this now, but once a Demo-leftist wins the County Clerk seat they will be the loudest complainers. This is a stupid move, and as RH pointed out election integrity is more important than a few thousand tax dollars.


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