Bill allowing Indiana highway work zone speed cameras moving forward

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A bill allowing highway work zone speed cameras in Indiana is moving forward as the full House recently voted to approve the measure, which had been up for discussion for years.

According to WVPE, Representative Jim Pressel, the bill’s sponsor, says the measure would allow for speed cameras in four work zones in the state.

The cameras would allow for speeding tickets to be issued to drivers captured on camera going at least 11 miles per hour over the speed limit when workers are present.

While the first offense would be a warning, the second would be $75. Every ticket after that would be $150.

The bill now heads to the Senate.


  1. Because we should never be out from under the all seeing eye of the government.

    Will these cameras be run by a contractor? Will that contractor get money based on the number of tickets issued? This is what incremental government overreach looks like…this is our giving way to the world Orwell warned us about.

    • Yes and yes.

      This is revenue based enforcement, plain and simple. That is the worst kind of policing. The fact that they have to get the camel’s nose in the tent under the guise of protecting the construction crews is all you need to know.


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