Indiana Senate shuts down controversial House bill

Indiana Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray has killed a controversial House bill.
It would prevent the Department of Child Services from removing kids from their parents if the parents won’t affirm their gender identity or consenting to gender-affirming health care.
The bill came about by a single case currently before the Indiana Supreme Court where a transgender child was taken from their parents.
Bray said through a spokesperson that there are “serious concerns” with the bill, which passed the state House 58-33 last month.


  1. A very sad day for children in Hoosierville. Rod Bray is really a Marxicrat in RINO clothing. It is the parents responsibility to deal with these sorts of issues that skeevy teachers and friends push on their kids.

    • ALL Parents DON’T always know best, nor do they always have their childs’ best interests at heart…especially when the childs’ interests don’t necessarily align with their parents opinions and core beliefs.

      • Parents generally know better than children. There’s a reason that kids under 18 cannot get a tattoo, drop out of school, or even elect to go to a school field trip without parental approval.

  2. Not the only controversial bill this session. How about the one that mandates a residential septic tank inspection every 90 days, mandates the installation of expensive monitoring equipment, and authorizes the state to pump it when it’s 66% full and then BILL YOU for all of it at any rate they choose. If you can’t pay, they get to put a lien on your house… The Indiana GOP is trash.

  3. It’s crazy how all this transgender filth became so popular. I bet if it wasn’t broadcasted so much people would be way less concerned or wouldn’t even think about it as much but people don’t see how they’re being manipulated and can’t think for themselves these days. I can’t imagine what the younger generation will be like after this one lol. It’s all by design though to make people weak and easier controlled when the time comes to go full new world order.

      • The number of young people who identify as transgender due to the brainwashing is a couple orders of magnitude higher than the number of people born with two sets of genitalia.

  4. Another of the many issues that politicians think they can solve but they can’t! At any rate, biologically, sometimes girls are born with the wrong parts and sometimes boys are born with the wrong parts. And if you can’t deal with that TOUGH!!!!

    • Compare a 1 in 10000 chance of that happening with a 20+% youth transgenderism rate today. Not even in the same ballpark, because you are not talking about the same thing…


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