Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman stepping down to take new CEO role with Lacasa Inc.

(Photo supplied/City of Goshen)

Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman is resigning later this year to become the new C-E-O of Lacasa, Inc.

Stutsman stated in a press release he’s enjoyed and valued being a servant leader in Goshen, something he’s done, first as a councilman since 2008, then, as the city’s mayor since 2016. But he says he’s ready for something different.

Stutsman says he spoke to his family, late last year, and decided he would not seek re-election.

He says he was approached about the opportunity at Lacasa about a month ago. Stutsman said he will work with the next mayor, whoever that may be, during the transition.

Read Mayor Stutsman’s full statement below:



  1. Is this déjà vu? I smell a skunk in the mayoral race. “I’ve never been a risk taker. The biggest risk I ever took was running for mayor. I don’t know what made me do that but…. I was just in a rut I guess. I was in a group. I didn’t wanna step outside of that and I had grown up in the company you know so I had a responsible position you know and then when Mike Puro decided that he wanted to get out of- and he and I grew up together from junior high, so we were best friends and he asked me if I would follow him as mayor. And I said, I said, by the time you are done being mayor, Republicans are going to be so sick of Democrats in Goshen, no Democrat could be elected. And I had a young family, you know I was in my mid forties I think at the time. And I wasn’t a risk taker. And I thought well, you know, if I did run for mayor and lost in the next election, then I would be out and over 50 looking for a job and I didn’t want to do that but he and I spent a lot of time together and one night I said, Well you know if something happened that you left office and I was caucused in and I could run as an incumbent, I would think about it. Well, I think that gave him license to go look for another job. Because, it was getting to him after nine years, you know his third election, it was getting to him. And I have said this, I think, so I said I would do that if he would – I wasn’t asking him to get out of a job – I just said if something happened and I got in. So then he got that job, O’Bannon appointed him to the toll road. And ah, so I got caucused in and I’ve said that I think that when I said I would be willing to do that, that he knew that either me, or someone perceived to be better than me by the precinct people would take his place. Because it’s not the kind of job that you just want to leave and have no one be who’s coming along, who’s the back bench or whatever. So that worked out.” – Allan Kauffman


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