Brownsburg teachers implicated in case of special needs student fired

Image by WOKANDAPIX from Pixabay

The five people implicated in the case of a special needs student being forced to eat his own vomit at an elementary school in Brownsburg have all been fired.

The Brownsburg school board voted unanimously Monday night to terminate Sara Seymour, Debra Kanipe, Julie Taylor, Kristen Mitchell, and Megan King.

Seymour and Kanipe are accused of forcing the boy at Brown Elementary back in February to eat his own puke after he threw up on his lunch tray during lunchtime. Taylor, Mitchell, and King are accused of failing to stop them and adequately reporting the incident to the school district.

Many concerned parents expressed their frustration with the school board during Monday night’s meeting before the vote was taken.

“I mean, how can that many people willingly participate in a horrible thing and not report it,” one parent said. “I just don’t understand.”

“The fact this incident occurred in February and wasn’t publicized to the students, parents, the Brown Elementary families, and the staff until April is unacceptable,” said another parent. “I love our Brown Elementary family, but I am upset with how our leadership handled this.”

Other parents express fear saying that they are afraid to let the district have their child at their schools. Another mother of a special needs student called for the District to mandate surveillance cameras in classrooms.

“If we don’t have cameras for these children who cannot advocate for themselves, how can you say you create a safe environment for him, for any child like him,” she said.

The incident at Brown Elementary was caught on surveillance video, but since it was not reported until much later school district leaders did not look for it on the footage captured.

The family of the boy who was abused by the has hired legal counsel. Their attorneys have said that “justice will be served” in the incident. So far no lawsuits against the district of the teachers have been filed.


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