Sen. Todd Young not backing Trump in 2024 bid

(Saige Driver/95.3 MNC)

WASHINGTON — Indiana Senator Todd Young delivered a strong rebuke to Donald Trump on Thursday, expressing his unwillingness to support the former president in his potential 2024 run for the GOP presidential nomination. Speaking to reporters in Washington D.C., Young made it clear that he would not back his fellow Republican in the upcoming campaign.

When asked about his reasons for withholding support, Young responded, “Where do I begin?” He highlighted Trump’s failure to vocalize support for Ukraine during the yearlong conflict following the Russian invasion as one factor in his decision. Young argued that President Trump’s judgment on this matter was flawed and cited concerns about the Russian government’s engagement in war crimes.

Young further expressed his doubts about Trump’s ability to unite people. He emphasized the importance of nominating a candidate who can win the general election, stating that Trump has a track record of losing not only his own elections but also elections for others. Young questioned whether it would be wise for conservatives to elect someone whose main skill appears to be engaging in Twitter battles.

When directly asked if he would support Trump if he secured the nomination, Young deflected the question by suggesting that Trump was unlikely to win. He stressed that Republicans are determined to win and implied that Trump’s nomination would lead to a path of defeat.

Senator Young, who was re-elected to a six-year term in 2022, has previously taken positions that differ from Trump’s on significant issues, including Trump’s call for Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election results. It is worth noting that Young was not among the four Senate GOP incumbents endorsed by Trump for re-election, as reported by Politico.


  1. RINO Young is talking out of his backside again. The only true thing he said was that Trump didn’t support the Ukraine money laundering operation.

    I never felt we needed to be rid of Trump. I can say 100% that we need to get rid of Todd Young.

  2. That’s a very big mistake Todd. Indiana is Trump country and he will receive the electoral votes in November 2024. Senator young needs to be replaced with a real conservative U.S. senator for Indiana. I hear Todd has a job lined up after he does this term.

  3. I agree Charlie that 100% Young needs to be gone, of course as I hear it it is his last term, he has more lucrative deal lined up already where he doesn’t have to pretend anymore.

  4. Young should resign his seat now and move on to whatever it is he has planned to do…being a Republican Senator was obviously not what he had in mind.

  5. I wonder how much money he is getting from Ukraine.
    He continues to vote to support that money pit.
    Young also voted w/demons for the Respect for Marriage Act.
    As a never-Trumper, He will never get my vote again.


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