Meetings to reimagine Elkhart Community Schools on hold until new superintendent is in place

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Community Schools)

A national solutions firm hired by Elkhart Community Schools identified multiple themes for the district to examine in order to reimagine the district.

School IQ looked at demographics, education, facilities, business and human resources and community engagement while identifying the themes.

Themes included enrollment challenges, improved academics, leadership development, safety and discipline, stronger relationships with diverse populations and Elkhart Area Career Center expansion.

A Key Committee was created and in charge of making sound, affordable and acceptable recommendations to the Board of School Trustees.

Meetings were regularly scheduled in January, and while they were quite time-consuming, they allowed for an analysis of all ECS facilities and a projection showing a loss of 1000 to 1400 students over the next decade.

Only a few themes were addressed, though the Board of School Trustees and the Key Committee have decided to postpone their meeting until further notice, allowing the Board time to complete its superintendent search process so the new superintendent can contribute to the strategic planning process.

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Charles U Farley May 11, 2023 at 3:15 pm

It seems like every new headmaster comes in and “re-imagines” the Elkhart School system, and then ducks out before the disastrous ramifications of their idiotic plans become apparent to all. Maybe instead of transforming something that doesn’t work into something else that doesn’t work, they should spend their time and effort addressing the things that are actually broken!

That way, they wouldn’t have to change jobs every two years…

Slacker06 May 12, 2023 at 9:29 am

Here are my suggestion for re-imaging the ECS. First. Get rid of the teachers union. Second apply solid unrelenting discipline to students that cannot behave themselves. Third. At the beginning of the day collect all the cell phones. Give them back when the final bell rings. Fourth. Eliminate all vestiges of the CRT, ESG, or any other silly fad that does not help kids become functioning adults. The three R’s are paramount. Stop wasting money on foolish nonsense. Who cares what the pronouns are if a kid cannot read or do math. And most importantly fully recognize that the kids belong to the parents. The parents are morally, financially, legally, and in every way imaginable responsible for their kids. ECS has been hired to educate the kids in subjects the parents can;t or won’t. Leave the other subjects you are not authorized to dabble in to the parents. It is not the purview of the ECS to tinker in the family matters of the students and their parents. The more the schools dabble in garbage subjects the dumber the kids get.


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