Senate candidate John Rust speaks on Indiana Supreme Court’s decision
Senate candidate John Rust spoke about the Indiana Supreme Court’s recent decision to stay his case on the Indiana law saying a candidate must vote in their parties past two primaries to run for office.
“I’m in this to win, because we have to do what is right for Indiana.” said Rust, “You know we are so sick of Indiana politicians who are just in it for themselves.”
Rust was originally not allowed to run as a Republican because he hadn’t voted in the previous primaries, instead opting to vote for Democrats he claimed to have known personally.
When challenged on why he didn’t vote in past Republican primaries, he said it’s because there wasn’t any choice. “81% of Hoosiers don’t vote in the primaries because there is no choice.
Why bother to show up if you only have one choice?” Rust questioned. Rust’s case dates back to September when he originally filed a lawsuit again Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales, and the Indiana Election Commission.
There is currently no timeline on when the Indiana Supreme Court will make a ruling on the case.

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