Congressman Rudy Yakym believes President Biden’s proposed budget ‘fiscally irresponsible’

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President Biden’s proposed  $7-trillion dollar budget for next fiscal year is aimed at funding social programs and taxing the wealthiest Americans and corporations. And, Second District Congressman Rudy Yakym calls it “fiscally irresponsible.” Yakym released a statement saying the budget doubles down on Biden’s failed economic policies by insisting on unsustainable levels of borrowing and spending and nearly $5 trillion in new tax hikes.
The White House says the budget cuts wasteful spending on big pharma and big oil… expands health care for veterans… strengthens border security, social security, food security … supports Ukraine … and makes investments in the Indo-Pacific. You can read Yakym’s complete statement at 95-3 MNC Dot Com.
Congressman Rudy Yakym issued the following statement:
“President Biden’s reckless spending policies over the past three years have created crushing inflation and saddled our country with mountains of new debt, all to advance a left-wing political agenda. Unfortunately, the fiscally irresponsible budget proposal that President Biden released yesterday merely doubles down on these failed economic policies, including by insisting on unsustainable levels of borrowing and spending and nearly $5 trillion in new tax hikes. Worst of all, it would add $18.2 trillion to the debt over ten years on top of the $34.4 trillion we are already in debt today.
“The contrast between President Biden’s budget proposal and the Budget Resolution House Republicans passed out of the Budget Committee last week could not be greater. We need to stop spending money we don’t have and get back to the fiscal discipline that Hoosiers in my District exercise every single day.”

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Dopey King Joe the Chicom Agent Provocateur and Idiot of Brandonville has been utterly clueless for at lest 50 years., I know, I’ve been watching his antics all that time. He still thinks he’s slicker that cat dung on linoleum. He makes off the wall comments than flashes his crooked Pepsodent smile and expects everyone to find him funny. I find hum sickening.


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