Delphi judge denies more media broadcast rights for May trial

(Photo supplied/Indiana State Police)
You’ve heard calls for transparency in the Delphi murders case. Despite that, the special judge has once again denied any media broadcast rights for the May trial.
In a court filing Wednesday, Special Judge Fran Gull denied WTHR-TV, ABC57 News, and the News Media Coalition’s requests to broadcast the trial of suspect Richard Allen through any means of audio and/or video. Judge Gull recently denied a request from our news-gathering partners at WISH-TV.
This ruling basically means reporters will have to operate on paper and pencil only for the entire trial, which begins May 13th and lasts through May 31st. That means you won’t find out what’s happening in the courtroom until hours later, when reporters are allowed their electronics.
That also opens up potential for inaccurate reports.
Judge Gull has essentially shut out public access to this case, except for the October 19th, 2023, hearing in which she surprised defense attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi with the option of stepping down or be disqualified in front of the public and news media. That eventually ended with the Indiana Supreme Court allowing Baldwin and Rozzi back on the case.
There’s still time for media broadcasting to be debated and possibly allowed, but the deadline is quickly approaching as jury selection begins May 13th.

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