Scientists to consider allowing commercial fish farming in Lake Michigan, Lake Huron


By: Associated Press

(Krystal Vivian/95.3 MNC)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A panel of scientists will take public comments on whether to allow commercial fish farming operations in Michigan’s Great Lakes waters.

State officials say they’ve heard from two operators interested in raising rainbow trout in floating enclosures in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, a process known as “net-pen aquaculture.” The fish would remain inside the large nets until big enough for the consumer food market.

The expert panel was appointed this month. On Thursday, members will hear pros and cons from the public during a meeting at Michigan State University’s Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health in Lansing.

The Department of Environmental Quality says representatives of the fishing industry, native tribes and others are among those expected to speak.

The panel is expected to issue a report in October.