Michigan lawmakers misused taxpayer resources during coverup of affair, investigation finds

todd courser cindy gamrat
(Photos Supplied/Michigan House of Representatives)

DETROIT (AP) — An investigation into two Michigan Republican lawmakers who had an affair has found misconduct and misuse of taxpayer resources.

Such a finding could lead to expulsion from the Michigan House.

House Business Office Director Tim Bowlin said Monday in a release that a draft on the preliminary findings involving Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat was submitted to outside counsel for review.

“Asking an outside counsel to review the report is a normal process to protect the privacy and confidentiality of affected individuals and ensure compliance with Human Resources regulations. The findings will be made public once the legal review has been completed,” Bowlin said in a statement.

The investigation looked at whether public resources were used to try and cover up the affair.

Courser has admitted to orchestrating a fictional email in May that said he was caught with a male prostitute to divert attention if the affair was revealed.

Gamrat and Courser have said they didn’t misuse resources and wouldn’t resign. Gamrat said Monday in a statement that she hasn’t ruled out any options.

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