Michigan road plan with tax and fee hikes won't be voted on by Michigan Senate


By: David Eggert/Associated Press

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Senate is not voting on increased vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes as part of a plan to boost road spending by $1.2 billion annually within five years.

There was too much resistance Tuesday among majority Republicans to a House GOP plan approved last week.

It boosts license plate fees by 40 percent. The 19-cents-a-gallon gasoline tax and 15-cent diesel tax rise to 22 cents and automatically go up with inflation.

Approximately $600 million comes from higher taxes and fees. Another $600 million eventually is redirected from existing tax revenue.

Tax breaks are included.

Democrats have criticized the plan as a “budget buster,” while some Republicans are concerned about its reliance on vehicle fee increases.