Investigator's report reveals more details about sexual harassment lawsuit against Notre Dame

Attorneys for the Notre Dame student suing the school and employee have released a report they say contains details from a conversation between the student and an attorney for the university.

The report was prepared while the university investigated whether or not a campus administrator violated university policies, according to our news partners ABC 57. The student who filed the suit claims the employee coerced him into a sexual relationship with her daughter.

The report released by the student’s attorneys describe an “abnormally close” relationship between the administrator and the student. The woman allegedly talked to the student about her own sex life, her daughter’s sex life with the student and tried to convince him to tell her daughter that he loved her.

The report states the woman cried when the student told her he was considering breaking up with her daughter and told him they should stay together.

A spokeswoman for family released a statement saying they are “heartbroken the student has chosen to try to harm us in such a public manner.”

Notre Dame is accused of knowing what was happening and not taking steps to protect the student, though the university released a statement saying the employee was fired two weeks before the lawsuit was filed.

Read the full report released by the attorneys on

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