Pokemon Go players gotta catch’em all, but shouldn’t risk safety, police say

A Pokemon called Drowzee is seen in the 95.3 MNC studio as part of the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go. (Krystal Vivian/95.3 MNC)

Pokemon Go is the latest video game craze to hit the nation, but local officials say it’s not all fun and games.

Lt. Tim Williams with the Mishawaka Police Department is urging Pokemon Go players to be extra careful when they’re walking around looking to catch the virtual Pokemon on their phones.

“That’s going to allow them to honestly injure themselves, whether it’s tripping over something or maybe walking off of the curb the wrong way, into traffic not seeing the cars as they’re coming,” Williams told our news partners ABC 57.

The game posts a message to its players to be alert and pay attention when walking around. Players are also encouraged to play the game in groups to avoid being targeted by robbers.

Indiana State Police is asking players to be wary of lures set up in rural spots and not play the game while driving.

And while organizations like the University of Notre Dame and the Potawatomi Zoo are inviting players to their facilities, players should not try to go through fences, locked doors or enter areas blocked off from the public while they attempt to catch’em all.

Indiana Michigan Power wants players not to trespass through fences surrounding transformer sites and electrical substations.

“Just stay aware of your surroundings and know where you’re at especially around electrical equipment,” Michael Bianski with Indiana Michigan Power told ABC 57. “It’s never safe to play on the transformer or even the green cabinets that house the transformers inside.”


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