South Bend schools dealing with bus driver shortage


Getting your child to school on time is difficult when a school district is short on bus drivers.

However, that’s the case with the South Bend Community School Corp. There’s a shortage of bus drivers for the district, leading to double routes and late students, superintendent Kenneth Spells told the South Bend Tribune.

The problem is so dire for the district, staff has been called in from other departments just to handle calls from angry parents. Spells says the district wants to hire more drivers and two more dispatchers for the transportation department.

The problem is hiring bus drivers isn’t as easy as hiring someone off the street and putting them behind the wheel. Drivers must submit a background check and undergo 12 hours of training. Failing either of that, the driver isn’t hired.

Anyone interested in becoming a bus driver can call SBCSC at 874-283-8160 or the transportation department at 574-287-7477.


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