University of Michigan unveils diversity and inclusion plan


ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — The University of Michigan has unveiled an $85 million, five-year plan to promote diversity and inclusion on its mostly white Ann Arbor campus.

The school released details of the plan Thursday amid unease among some black students who feel they aren’t welcome, especially following the posting of racist flyers in at least one building. Black students also have complained about the low percentage of African-Americans enrolled.

Officials call the plan a “strategic blueprint for making the university community more diverse, equitable and inclusive.” The university has committed $85 million in new resources over the next five years to implement the initiatives.

Planning took about a year with more than 200 meetings held with students, faculty, and staff to get their input.


  1. What a waste of time and money. U if M already won a court battle to allow them to admit minorities with lower test scores and lower gpa’s. If that isn’t enough, what will it take? This money is being thrown down the political corretness drain.

  2. U of M will just have to pay minority students to attend. They will with tax payer dollars I am sure. NCAA rules may need changed but if it is for “racial balance” I’m sure they will make the changes. U of M will surely also make the football and basketball teams racially balanced because after all, it is not about being the best with the best people available…right? I wonder why some black students don’t feel “welcome”? could it be that they have no interest in acclimating to the student environment at U of M and want everyone there to cater to their “African culture”? What a crock of crap!


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