Benton Harbor police investigating convenience store shooting

(Photo supplied/Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety)

The investigation continues into a shooting a few blocks from Benton Harbor High School on Monday.

Benton Harbor police say a man exited a convenience store on Empire Avenue around 4:40 in the afternoon when he was attacked.

Police arrived soon after shots were fired and cleared the scene after a couple of hours. A witness told ABC 57 he saw a group arguing on the way into a convenience store, then starting to brawl before the gunshot went off.

The victim is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. A suspect has not been identified yet and the investigation continues.

Tuesday, Benton Harbor police released information on a person of interest in the shooting. 19-year-old Jarrod Fitzgerald Guidry Jr. is being sought.

If you have information on Guidry’s whereabouts, contact BHDPS at 269-927-0293 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-288-STOP.


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