U.S. Senate candidate Todd Young getting national attention for backing Donald Trump


Indiana Senate candidate Todd Young is getting national attention for his continued support of his party’s Presidential candidate.

High-profile Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan are backing off the Trump campaign. But in the recent maelstrom, Young has continued to support the nominee, and he’s getting noticed for that by the Washington Post.

Young is trying to keep the seat currently occupied by Dan Coats in Republican hands in a race against former Senator and Governor Evan Bayh.

After the release of a video last week that had Trump on a hot mic talking about sexually aggressive behavior toward women, Young said he was considering withdrawing his support, but stuck by him.


  1. Yet Evan’s got an F rating from the NRA and was the deciding vote of Obamacare…he will vote against every freedom you have in favor of the government.

    I don’t agree with Young’s stance on Trump but strongly disagree and don’t Bayh it for Bayh.

  2. 95.3 why publish this trash? the whole democrat party is standing behind Clinton even with all the lies, body’s and don’t get me started on EMAILS. shame on 95.3 for post this trash, the Washington post really!


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