6 of the most haunted places to find ghosts in Michiana

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Looking for scary good fun in Michiana this Halloween? You might want to spend some time at some of these haunted places in St. Joseph, Elkhart and Marshall counties.

Primrose Road, South Bend

Primrose Road between Cleveland and Adams roads

There are several urban legends surrounding Primrose Road, especially along the dirt road between Auten and Adams roads. Vehicles traveling slower than 20 mph will supposedly have their tires slashed, while vehicles traveling faster than 30 mph will apparently experience car troubles or the vehicle may turn off.

Others have reported seeing a disappearing farmhouse, a phantom car that disappears just after it goes over a hill. Electronics that are fully charged are rumored to lose power near a field along the road. A woman rumored to have been murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice and buried in the nearby lake is also believe to haunt Primrose Road.

At the end of Primrose Road, if you take a right on Adams Road there is a small cemetery nearby that is rumored to be haunted by the people buried there. The audio in the video below was recorded at the cemetery in 2012.


Joseph D. Oliver House (Copshaholm)

808 W. Washington St., South Bend

This 38-room house was built in 1895 for J.D. Oliver and his family and is one of the three historic South Bend houses anyone can tour through the History Museum. While it looks perhaps too lovely to seem terrifying, some former employees swear the place is haunted.

“I had lights turn on and off while I shut down the mansion for the evening,” Valerie Ratner, a former tour guide at Copshaholm, said. “There is no electricity for the call buttons, and they’ve turned on while I was in the room with arrows that shot up indicating which rooms need service in the house.”

Ratner started running through the billiards room and small ballroom while turning the lights off at the end of the night because she said she felt an awful feeling when she was in them.

“I also couldn’t leave one day and was trapped inside because the doors wouldn’t open,” she said. “I had to call the maintenance person on the radio and beg him to hurry and let me out.”

Elkhart Civic Theatre at the Bristol Opera House

210 E. Vistula St., Bristol

The theatre and opera house was built in 1897 and is believed to be haunted by several ghosts.

Employees and visitors have seen books fly off shelves at people in the library and actors say they were grabbed while on stage. Other employees have asked ghosts for help finding items in the costume shop. After the employees left the room and returned awhile later, they quickly found the items they were looking for.

One employee saw a shadow of a person pretending to conduct an orchestra, but when she walked into the room where the shadow was coming from, nobody was there.

The theatre’s resident poltergeist, Percy, is believed to be the ghost of Percival Hilbert. Hilbert was a handyman who secretly lived in the basement with his wife and two daughters after they were evicted during the Great Depression. Hilbert didn’t die at the theatre, but is believed to have returned in death to play tricks on people, like moving tools around where they weren’t set.

University of Notre Dame

Angela Boulevard, Notre Dame

There are several rumors of hauntings on Note Dame’s campus. One of the most famous is the ghost of George Gipp, a star football player who died in 1920 after sleeping on the steps of Washington Hall in December and contracting pneumonia.

Since his death, students have reported hearing music playing in the building in the middle of the night, a horn going off at midnight, steps in empty hallways and a door slamming, among other unexplainable happenings.

Hacienda at The 100 Center

700 Lincolnway West, Mishawaka 

The Mexican restaurant is rumored to be haunted by the mansion’s former owner and one of his maids. The pair is said to have had an affair, but the owner rejected her after she got pregnant. She is rumored to have hanged herself in the attic and he shot himself in the basement. Customers and employees have reported flickering lights, toilets flushing on their own and bathroom stall doors opening and closing at random on the second floor.

Little Egypt Cemetery

5th and Hawthorne roads, Bremen; also known as Ewald Cemetery

Legend has it that people driving along 5th Road have seen several apparitions standing on the gravestones and running into the roadway as they drive by the cemetery. If you toss a nickel or a penny on a baby’s grave near the back of the cemetery, legend says you’re supposed to hear a baby crying.

People have also reported seeing mists and orbs in pictures taken at the cemetery and some believe Satanic rituals have been performed there.

This little cemetery has become a popular place for thrill-seeking teens to hang out. Gravestones have been toppled over and destroyed and the cemetery is surrounded by a fence topped with barbed wire. Because of this, police patrol the area often and visitors will likely be asked to leave.

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