6 DIY Halloween costumes you can make with items you already own

DIY Halloween costumes

Buying a Halloween costume can be such a drag.

You run the risk of getting a costume that a friend, coworker or classmate is wearing and the costumes can get expensive.

Making your own costume gives you a lot more room to be creative and you can decide how much you do or don’t want to spend.

Get inspired with these DIY Halloween costumes below — and bonus, they’re all appropriate for kids, teens, adults and groups!

Chipotle burrito

This is the most simple of all. Simply wrap yourself in tin foil (make sure you’re at least somewhat dressed in regular clothes first) and write the initials of your favorite order on your front.

Bulletin board

Chances are you have at least a short stack of Post-it notes laying around somewhere. Write reminders, notes and to-do items on them, then stick them onto a brown shirt to dress up as a bulletin board (you might want to use a light glue or safety pins to keep the notes attached to you). You can even bring extra Post-its with you to the party so others can add notes too.

diy halloween costumes grapes
What A Grape Idea For A Costume!” by JoeShlabotnik, CC by 2.0


This costume is great for pairs and trios because every person can be a different color. Blow up a bunch of red, purple or green balloons and attach them to your clothes with safety pins — make sure that your clothes below the balloons are the same color. Put on a brown or green beanie to complete the look.

Stick figure

Like the grapes, this is a costume that involves more work than cost. Dress in a white long-sleeved short and white pants and use black electrical tape to create the stick figure. Draw a stick figure head and face on a white paper plate. Poke a hole on each side and tie a piece of elastic there to create a mask. Voila!


Why not be your favorite color? Get pants and a shirt in the same shade and find temporary hair dye (or colored hair spray) for your hair. People with longer hair can use a 16 oz. water bottle and hair spray to hold their hair up to a point, if desired. Bonus points if you draw a brand name on the shirt or cut the logo out of felt and attach it to the shirt.

Pop art character

This costume takes a bit more artistic skill, a lot of makeup and whatever bold-colored clothes you already own. You might also want to experiment with the look at least once before Halloween or the party to make sure you do it right. Do a Google Image search for “pop art makeup” to get inspired by what others ahve done and watch a few tutorial videos like the one above. Then, choose your look and get started.

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