Berrien County court worker in forbidden romance accused of drug trafficking


A court worker in Berrien County will now go through the justice system she once served in.

Jessica Holmes, 35, of Eau Claire is accused of delivering a drug on the behalf of a man on probation that she oversaw in her duties as a Swift and Sure program coordinator. Swift and Sure is a probation program that gives criminals likely to be sent to a prison a second chance through a probation officer.

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Department believes Holmes developed a sexual relationship with the probationer around the time of the July 11 shooting at the county courthouse. It’s believed the two were actually in the courtroom together during the shooting, according to investigators.

In addition to allegedly delivering the drug and being in a relationship with the man, Holmes is also accused of supplying the man with information about when he’d be tested for drugs and alcohol.

She’s due in court on Nov. 4.


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