A local mother, grandmother and teacher helping her family fight the odds is this week’s Hometown Hero

Heroes are all around us every day, like teachers who make learning fun for students and firefighters and police officers who risk their lives for our safety. Even a helpful neighbor who helps out in a pinch is a hero.

This fall, News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and Martin’s Super Markets are teaming up to honor our Hometown Heroes.

Starting now, we want you to nominate a Michiana resident who you know and consider to be a hero. Submit a photo (if you can) and explain why this person is such a hero in your life.

As we collect submissions, 95.3 MNC’s Mark McGill will choose one Hometown Hero a week and feature their story on Michiana’s Morning News. The chosen heroes will also be featured throughout the week on 95.3 MNC.

We’ll choose one winner a week for seven weeks. All Hometown Heroes will be invited to a breakfast awards ceremony from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Nov. 2 at Martin’s Super Market at S.R. 23 and Ironwood Drive. Each Hometown Hero will be able to bring up to four guests.

The Hometown Hero for the week of October 24 is Sandra McCallie:

Listener Amy has written us, saying: 

“I work with an amazing teacher named Sandra McCallie. Not only is she phenomenal in that respect, but she is also an unstoppable mother. Her daughter gave birth to Sandy’s first grandchild earlier this year and was then given a very serious cancer diagnosis. Sandy has attended every weekly treatment and appointment with her daughter, while also teaching, planning lessons and meeting with parents. She also spends many hours doting on her beautiful granddaughter. As a mother, I can feel the pain and fear that Sandy goes through, and it’s an utter inspiration to see her continue on with life using the same care and concern for everyone around her as she always has. She is the epitome of strength, compassion and above all, motherhood.”


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Thor October 24, 2016 at 8:37 am

Oh yea, another participation trophy. How cheap can we make the word hero? You used to have to do something heroic, not just do a good job and not be a schmuck.

Odin October 24, 2016 at 3:41 pm

I think you deserve the HomeTown Half-Wit award. Being a teacher in this day and age is heroic by itself, but continuing to live life in a selfless manner and showing compassion for other people while facing difficult obstacles in your own life IS heroic. How many people have thought “I’ve got my own problems to worry about?” and have walked away? Although this woman didn’t save anyone from a burning building, “not being a schmuck” to some people can be heroic as well.

Thor October 25, 2016 at 5:27 pm

Did I say anywhere that these people are not doing a good job? An important job? No. Your bar is set very low, I’ve got your participation award for you; you can now go and collect your HomeTown just good enough to get by award.

So, when someone is actually presented with a scenario where heroics are required they can just say, I tried and that’s good enough. Got it, there are no more heroes, just every day people who want to feel they are worthy of the highest…participation…award. If everyone is a hero no one is a hero.

JerryB October 26, 2016 at 4:56 pm

Wow Thor! You picked the wrong person to make your argument. Amy hasn’t even touched the surface with Mrs. McCallie’s unselfishness, dedication and caring for others. She’s taken care of her stricken mother, husband and brother all within a short period of time. She has lost so much and still manages to give of herself. I don’t know how she continues. Most of us would simply fold. You should probably bail on your righteous hero debate before you end up with “egg on your face”. There are several levels of heroic actions and hers are at the highest level.

Thor October 31, 2016 at 6:04 am

Unselfish, dedicated, and caring are not good enough, or accurate enough, descriptors to be recognized for JerryB? As I indicated earlier my contention is not that the specific individual isn’t worthy of recognition.

Apparently the common usage of the language truly is equating caring for family with charging the machine gun nest now. “Oh, you got the Congressional Medal of Honor? I made someone happy today, it’s good to be a hero too!” /sarc


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